Snail of Approval

The Slow Food Vermont Snail of Approval is awarded to those restaurants, bars, food and beverage artisans, stores and markets that contribute to the quality, authenticity and sustainability of Vermont’s food supply and have been deemed outstanding among peers. We receive applications in a rolling fashion through the calendar year.

  • Nomination and Application Process

    1. Slow Food members educate potential Snail of Approval nominees and encourage them to join Slow Food, then to complete and submit the Slow Food Vermont Snail of Approval Nomination Form; either by printing out this form and sending it in, or filling out the online form.
      1. Slow Food Vermont members are encouraged to identify and educate restaurants or artisans of products in the State of Vermont that follow the principles of good, clean, and fair food.
      2. Restaurants/businesses that are owned or managed by Slow Food members may nominate themselves.
      3. Snail of Approval Applicants are required to be Slow Food members.
    2. Nomination forms are submitted to the Slow Food Vermont Snail of Approval Committee.
    3. Nominees are contacted, at which point they may decide to proceed with the application.
    4. Applicants submit their application and fee to the committee
    5. A 3-person committee evaluates applications and performs an on-site visit to the restaurant / business takes to fact check the application.
      1. All committee members are expected to be SFVT members; with one member being a member of the SFVT Board of Directors. It is ideal to have one member of the committee be a ‘content expert’ for the type of business under evaluation; i.e. chef, front of house, back of house, baker, sommelier.
      2. A recommendation to the Slow Food Vermont’s Board of Directors is made for final approval / rejection.
    6. The Board of Directors votes on awarding the Snail of Approval. Decisions are made on an as presented basis.
    7. Applicants receive notice detailing if they met the criteria and the next steps for receiving the Snail of Approval are communicated. Applicants that are not approved are sent a notice detailing why their application was rejected.
    8. Awardees will be contacted by the Slow Food Vermont Marketing Director and will receive the Snail of Approval Public Relations package including decals to display at the physical business as well as access to the Snail of Approval logo for business websites and promotional materials as desired.
    9. Awardees are listed, along with a description of products and services, on Slow Food Vermont’s Snail of Approval webpage and promoted according to our Public Relations Package.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Process

    Slow Food Vermont monitors the integrity of Snail of Approval restaurants and artisans through ongoing feedback from Slow Food Vermont members.

    • Snail of Approval certification is valid for two years; renewal follows the initial process in the form of a renewal questionnaire and follow-up.
    • Applicants re-applying after 2 years do not have to pay the $50 fee.
  • Slow Food Vermont invites our members to nominate a restaurant or business that exemplifies the Slow Food values of Good, Clean, and Fair.  The nomination form can be submitted using the form below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

    Fill out our online form.

  • Fill out my online form.

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